The best big brother ever

James has a new baby sister, Rosemary, and she is really quite amazing! She was just one week old when Gina and Gary invited me to meet her and (as expected) I was totally infatuated. That full head of wispy-fine hair is to die for! Rosemary arrived a couple weeks ahead of schedule, so maybe that’s why I thought she seemed extra itty bitty. (Or maybe it’s just because they change so fast, you forget how little they are in the beginning…)

But it was James who commanded most of my attention that day. He was such an exuberant boy, and was just so sweet during my entire visit. I imagine that a new sibling could be hard for an almost-3-year-old to get used to, suddenly having to share mom and dad’s attention… but James was a superb role model and excellent helper! He even helped with the vacuuming!! (Way to go, mom and dad—I’d call that brilliant parenting!)

Gina and Gary, thank you for welcoming me into your home and congratulations on the new addition to your beautiful family! xoxo


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