Juney & Neill – Castle Hill Inn Wedding

Juney and Neill’s wedding at Castle Hill Inn in Newport couldn’t have been lovelier! Castle Hill is one of my favorite wedding venues, so I was thrilled when I was asked to shoot here once again with Sara Smile Photography. Castle Hill is so pretty in and of itself, but when I saw the flowers by Grace Kim, I was in love!  These had to be among my favorite arrangements, ever.

Juney and Neill are a very laid-back couple, and they decided to forego a lot of the typical wedding traditions that weren’t important to them. They decided to get all of their portraits and family formals done and out of the way before the ceremony. That way they were able to attend the cocktail hour and enjoy mingling with their guests.

They also didn’t want to make a big fuss during their reception. They didn’t have any grand entrances and they didn’t do a first dance. They even decided not to have the parent/child dances, nor the cake cutting. It just didn’t feel like ‘them’ to be the center of attention like that. I really love the fact that they made the wedding ‘theirs’, and that they paid attention to the things that were important to them and left everything else out of it. I think that’s how every wedding should be!

The one thing they didn’t skip out on: celebrating. Without all of the formalities of a typical wedding reception, Juney and Neill (and all of their guests) were free to simply enjoy the evening and celebrate their love for one another. They hired an amazing band, Sweet Tooth and the Sugarbabies, and everyone danced the night away!

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