A Day in the Life at 4 Weeks Old

Life with a new baby may be seemingly mundane, but it is also incredibly special because this time is just so fleeting. That’s why Jamie, Todd and 4 week old Jack welcomed me into their home to capture a day in their life as a new family. Jack’s arrival brought a lot of changes to Jamie and Todd’s daily life, and like most new parents, they had to figure things out as they went along.

Louie, the cat, has been adjusting to the changes too, and he made sure that all the attention didn’t go to the new baby.

These photos make me smile every time I look at them! I can just feel all the love Jamie and Todd have for one another and for their new baby Jack. It’s evident in all the little details: the way they lovingly hold Jack… the expressions on their faces… the details of the nursery… the careful routines they follow so that Jack can get into some sort of a sleep schedule… I remember what it was like when my daughter was that little. The days would feel endlessly long, and yet that entire time flew by in the blink of an eye.

I hope that these photographs help Jamie and Todd remember exactly how it felt in those early days of Jack’s life, so that years from now they can look at them and be transported back in time.


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